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1 May 2016

This is Kate.... I'm her proud Aunty CeCe...


I don't take it personally, she doesn't like many people... and don't laugh, she doesn't like it when people do that either (cracks me up).

We've just come back from the beautiful Noosa where we celebrated my littlest sisters wedding and I got to spend time with my new little friend here.

I slowly wore Kate down, turns out she likes having her picture taken... We're friends now, it's safe to make eye contact
Kid's ey!

Anyone who witnessed this shoot would NEVER hire me...

To get to this location my sister and I dropped down from the small platform at our resort, crab walked under a pontoon bridge and across a drain.

I refuse to talk about the fact that I slipped and fell with my camera and most expensive lens into the water. I won't be describing in detail the clothing and body parts I sacrificed in order to save my equipment....

Katie was a BEAST when it came to this location. She wanted in!


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