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1 October 2015
The Troops came to visit me a few weeks ago for a first birthday family session for little Sharni. We were soooooo excited about this shoot. Giant confetti balloon, a dozen cupcakes, cute dresses and accessories and my little assistant sidekick were all organised. Lets just say things didn't go to plan!

Poor Sharni, she just wasn't having a bar of it! Nothing we did could tame the lion within. It was her birthday and she'd roar if she wanted. Poor poppet!

I wondered if the girls were coming down with something while we were shooting and as it turns out they did become ill.

 I was certain that we would end up re-shooting. I'm still new at this whole "taking photo's for other people" thing.... I never think I've nailed it until I get home and start the culling process. I surprised us both!!!

Here we worried about this little guy being mischievous and he was a SUPER STAR! Although it's not hard to get a 3yo on side with 12 cupcakes from Cupcake Heaven in your hand.

This whole shoot was meant to be a secret from Daddy so that the kids had some special photo's to give him for Christmas. I LOVE that Kelly was so excited and ditched the idea when she just couldn't drag herself away from her online gallery. I heard from one of my girlfriends that the Troop's dad loved them so much he was showing them off at work. Best feedback ever!

   I loved shooting this little family, we had such a perfect little spot in the afternoon sunshine.

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