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13 August 2015

This little guy! So full of energy, so full of mischief!

There's nothing quite like the winter sunshine and this particular location is a favourite of mine. I've never used it to photograph anybody but I grew up with it as my backyard. A few weeks ago I was jogging trough and  had to just stop and take in the beauty before me (after I adjusted my sports bra and heaved for air in my desperate lungs). I knew right then, that this was the place to bring Jasper and his family. 
Jaspers mum had his wardrobe all planned out, that is one funky little boy right there! He shares my love of instagram clothing, vintage suitcases and Doc Martens... You'd think he'd have felt the connection and sat still for even a second to capture his awesomeness ... NO .... wasn't going to happen and I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

Little J loved my new Teepee and Me Teepee and he even had an outfit to match! 

 Phew! That was exhausting he he he!
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